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Water Conservation and Savings Utilizing Household Grey Water Recycling

According to EPA, the average American household of four uses approximately 400 gallons of water per day. On average, approximately 70% of this water is used indoors with bathroom toilets being 27% or the largest consumer of all indoor water.

The average household also uses an additional 30% outdoors. Outside activities typically consuming more water than showers or clothes washing combined. For example, maintaining a 1,000 square foot lawn requires approximately 660 gallons several times a week.

According to these statistics, grey water recycling could save an average American household approximately 102,000 gallons or $814 in annual water expense (water rate based on the Phoenix Water District).

The American Southwest is populated by approximately 38 million people (statistics taken in 2011 and does not include Texas). Grey water recycling, if implemented 10 years ago throughout the Southwest, during new home construction, could have saved approximately 11 billion gallons or 33,670 acre feet annually.

Water savings particularly during extreme drought could enhance local economies. Saved water could be supplied to promote farming, construction and to support new industry. Drought situations often adversely affect local economies mainly due to local water districts being in conversation mode. In some cases, they are unable to release new water allotments for industrial growth.

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  • We are currently experiencing a historical drought and continuing loss of water supply worldwide

  • We would need 150% of normal rainfall for three consecutive years to declare an end to the drought in CA & TX

  • The Earth’s crust is continuing to warm up causing the rate of ground water evaporation to increase exponentially

  • For every half a degree Celsius increase, the Earth’s rate of water evaporation will continue to rapidly increase

  • A new in-home water conservation technology, which redirects grey water originating from bathtubs, showers, sink faucets, and washing machines through a treatment process. This process returns it back to the home for recycling (Patent pending).

  • Water Technologies will become a leading global industry within the next 10 years

  • Our technology offers a cost effective solution to the increasing need of water conservation

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