Low Cost Social Housing


Mobile Solar & Atmospheric Water Generating Systems


A total of (9) complete 10×16 houses can be packed in one 8×40 shipping container

Assembly can be completed by 2 people in a maximum of just – 2 hours

Ready to Occupy




No Wood

Mold Resistant

Fire Resistant

Non Combustible

Water Tight

Ex-Works Houston, and Panama City, Panama

Delivery- 8 weeks from down payment


  • An expanded wiring circuit for more wall plugs
  • Interior partition walls for separate rooms
  • Stucco Finish
  • Plumbing accommodations (toilet, sink, shower, etc.)
  • Expanded foot print – larger houses
  • 10×20 – 10×24 – 12×32 – 12×40

There will be one electrical circuit supplied for two wall plugs and one ceiling box. All electrical wiring will be in surface race ways as well as the electrical boxes will be surface mounted. Electrical circuits will be into one air switch breaker box external to the structure.

  • Scope:  A structure 160 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft. complete with floor, roof, windows, door, and electrical

  • Structure will be made with SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) panels consisting of  12 mm Jet Structural MgO ( Magnesium Oxide Board) as the interior and exterior skins

  • The SIP panel will have a core of 3½”  one pound density EPS (Expanded polystyrene)

  • The SIP panels will be processed to have a spline feature on each vertical side for field installation and assembly

  • The floor will be a SIP panel with 12mm Jet Structural on each side with a 5 ½”foam core

  • The roof will be a SIP panel with 12 mm Jet Structural on each side with a 5 ½”foam core

  • The connector system will be made of anodized aluminum “C” channel for the floor and wall assembly. The walls will be joined with metal splines. All connectors will be glued and screwed together.

  • The roof will be joined with an “H” channel. The assembly will be glued and screwed together

  • All panels will be labeled for sequential installation

  • There will be one door supplied preassembled to a wall panel. The door will have the capability of latching and locking.

  • There will be two windows supplied, 2’X2’ in size. These will be packed separately in the kit for safe shipping purposes and the cut outs will provided on appropriate walls

  • Insulation values of walls R-17, roof R-22, and floor R-22

  • All surface area walls, floor, and roof panels will be primed

  • The kit will consist of the above structural walls, roof, and floor panels as described. There will be a supply of assembly screws, adhesive, (supplied in 24 oz. caulk tubes)

  • The assembly concept will require a drill driver or equal and a 28 oz. caulk gun.

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