Why Modular?

Renewable Energy

Why Modular Construction?

Over 30 years of experience in the modular building industry.

We represent some of the most modern, green, efficient, and quality Modular Building manufacturers in the US.

We help can be involved in the preliminary design and planning and then provide the best modular building manufacturers for you to select for your project and can also provide high level project management.

Building Permanent Modular or Relocatable Construction—Faster—Less Cost—Faster Revenues

Factory Offsite Modular Construction is one of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry being used to provide schools, hotels, health clinics, residential housing, commercial developments, multi-story buildings, government installations, apartments, data centers, quick serve restaurants, renewable energy control sites,  battery energy storage and many other structures.

What are the benefits of using Modular Building construction?

  • Cost Savings in time, materials, quality, and fit and finish.
  • Price Certainty. Once the design or model is chosen you know your total cost and manufacturing takes weeks and not months and months.
  • Overall construction time can be cut as much as 75%. Site preparation parallels factory modular fabrication. If it is a commercial venture, get revenue stream going months faster.
  • Limited Weather Delays. Fabricating the building in an enclosed factory eliminates any delays due to weather
  • Exceptional Quality. Extensive in-factory Quality Control programs built to strict building codes. Every operation is inspected, tested and documented. Tightly monitored and documented.
  • Sustainable Construction-Less material waste. Controlled and planned factory fabrication minimizes waste, damage, and eliminates site construction theft
  • Less risk. No large groups of trade constructors coming and going to the site and working on the site every day for months constructing the building. Less disruption to the area. Reduces the risk of construction accidents.
  • Build what you need. Add and expand later. Limitless designs and configurations.
  • Pre-Engineered. Multi-stories.
  • Fit and Finish. We can take the interiors to complete finish in the factory or to any stage.
  • Faster and easier to replicate for the next site.
  • Speed to market. Faster utilization. Faster benefits. Faster revenues.
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